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What would the world look like if the Internet was never invented?

I the world would be short on imformation and links to information making it harder for us to aceess information facts and important details for everyday living.

The world is getting smaller what does this mean

the world is getting eaten up by the internet we are expanding moving on into a new century benfiting the children of the 21th century, we have so much tech in the world now its everywhere we go and in everything we use so we have forgetten how to use the old ways and forget the little things in life.

What will the world like in 2020 focus on the technology including the internet

The world will be wrapped around techonlogy we willl be lazy depending on computer 2 do everything for us and education as welll know it will be highly advanced in every field making it easy and better for student to learn and undeerstand every subject in school


Project Review

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What has doing this project taught you about :
The Beatitudes
The New Testament Parables
Please explain if it was easy or difficult for you to modernise your parable?
Do you feel that you have brought the Bible to life? Why/ Why not.
What would you say most interested you about the religious content.
What would you do differently?

The beatitudes are in every story in the bible there messages are hiden in each parable

For the new testament parables thought about all the parables and how i can use them in todays modern life

It was that hard because we did the good samaritan, so all we had to do was find a case where kid these days get hurt or injuryed we picked football because its every kids favourite sport and in sport is friendships are made.

Yes i would like to believe i did but the bible and the parables and the teachings of god its all up to us we can choose to accept his teachings and life or we could just be totally unawhere.

How were showing a parable to little kids in a modern form which is a good idea cause it develops there young minds and can understand the life of jesus.

I would edit the movie making it better and more understandable for kids of that age

Lesson 13

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 “What current real life story do you think could be used as a parable to teach a specific beatitude for Christian followers?”

I think a good real life story would be the fireman that died in victorica for trying to save lifes and do his duty as a fireman, from that story people can understand the meaning of scarifice and to help your fellow man in need no matter what may happen to you so people can understand or get that others always come before you.

Lesson 9

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This week’s question is – “If you were given the opportunity to write a chapter for the bible what would you write about? What messages would you want your readers to take away?”

I would write about the passion of jesus in great detail explaining his reasons for doing all that he did and why he wouldnt quick even though people didnt agree with him or respect him for it, i would want my readers to read my chapter and understanding what it means to never give up and to never stop going after your passion and dreams

Cath Tech 1

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If the bible was never written: Christianity wouldnt have a name in history, jesus would be lost for alll time and if any Evidence  was found our research would be hard and diffcult and by that time we would be jews , muslims, or pagans still.

journal 6

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What CST and IST grade what you allocate yourself for this project? Justify your response.

i would give my group A. Because we have been hard working with each other and our teachers.

What could you do tonight that would improve your grade?

Find more information on my chosen subject and make sure I work on it and make it satisfactory enough for my group.

What grade do you think your team will give you for teamwork? Why?

May be a B because we hated each other when we first came in but along the we started to shape up and put our heads in and work together.

Thinking about your presentation on Monday, what do you need to do to score an “A” grade? (hint: Look at the presentation skills). What could you do before Monday, to ensure you receive an “A”?

i think i have to work on projecting my voice to the whole class and work on my eye contact.

journal 5

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  • What influences your values about issues relating to your life?
    i think my faith and each thing i have learnt as a child


  • Do you ever compare images/values presented by the media to those of the bible? If so why? If not why not?
    Yes because they show the true meaning of life problems so will know what to do
  • Has this project challenged you to examine your values? Why / Why not
    Yes because we are seeing more social issues upfront so i have opened my mind.